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Addicted to Fresno

Jamie Babbit 2015 United States 85min english

Shannon (Judy Greer) is a sex addict. Shannon has also just been fired for sleeping with everyone at the school where she taught and is now a registered sex offender. Addicted to Fresno opens with Shannon trying to get her life back together after being kicked out of rehab for sleeping with her therapist (Ron Livingston). Her sister, Martha (Natasha Lyonne), gets her a job cleaning hotel rooms and hopes to help get her life back on track. However, old habits die hard and Shannon soon falls back into sleeping with every guy she can get her hands on. Meanwhile, Martha is busy chasing after her ex, despite her aerobics instructor (Aubrey Plaza) making it clear she would like to make their relationship more than professional. When Shannon accidentally kills a hotel guest, Martha has to help her get out of the subsequent mess. Addicted to Fresno is a quirky, dark comedy from director Jamie Babbitt (But I’m a Cheerleader) that questions how far siblings will go in order to protect one another. – Clinton Glenn

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