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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival

Almost Adults

Sarah Rotella 2015 Canada 90min english

BFFs Mackenzie (Elise Bauman) and Cassie (Natasha Negovanlis) learn that it’s hard to grow up without growing apart in this wildly witty coming of adulthood comedy about codependent love between besties. As they enter their final year of university, Mackenzie makes up for lost time by fully embracing her newfound queerness, opening up on her blog and beginning a relationship with a soccer player from school. Everything is working out great for her, except that she still hasn't found the right way to tell Cassie. Complicating things further, Cassie has recently broken up with her boyfriend, been fired from an internship, and has no idea where she’s going in life. The pressing question is: how do they keep their friendship together as their lives head in drastically different directions? Bauman and Negovanlis possess an explosive chemistry and turn in witty, candid performances as pals trying to pave their future while keeping their present together. Sarah Rotella's debut feature is a bittersweet story of evolving friendship - a hilarious, unremittingly poignant examination of growing up and growing apart.

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Université Concordia Cinéma Alexandre de Sève