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BearCity 3

Doug Langway 2016 United States 89min english

BearCity 3 is the third and final installment in the beloved film franchise and reunites some familiar faces for one last major celebration. This time around, each character faces their own set of challenges, ranging from heartbreak, financial ruin and death to the fears of starting a family. The film – directed by Doug Langway – builds upon the previous BearCity movies and sees the group reunite for a wild weekend of camping and debauchery. The campsite is, of course, full of bears (including actual bears) and chronicles a grand escapade before each character gets ready to enter a new era in his life. The hilarious dialogue combined with comedic performances from the ensemble cast creates a heartwarming (and at times surprising) cinematic masterpiece that does not disappoint. BearCity 3 also explores deeper issues within the gay community, commenting on the concepts of monogamy and romance whilst demonstrating how the gay community has forged a close knit and devoted sense of community. – Dave Easey

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