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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival


Andrew Steggall 2015 Canada France 109min english & french s.-t.en

While on a trip to pack up and sell their vacation house in France, Elliot (Andrew Lawther) slowly drifts apart from his mother (Juliet Stevenson) who is quietly breaking down from the impending end of her marriage. One day, while roaming the verdant French countryside near their home, he encounters Clément (Phénix Brossard) diving in the local reservoir. He quickly becomes infatuated, learning that Clément is in town visiting his aunt while his mother is dying of cancer in a Paris hospital. Elliot oscillates between writing poetry about his love for Clément while tentatively engaging with him after asking for his help to pack up and move their belongings out of the house. Elliot’s mother notices the attention that he pays Clément, but quickly spirals into depression over the imminent arrival of her estranged husband. Departure is a subtle, quietly paced film that pulls open the cracks in a seemingly perfect family, hinting at the secrets that lie within. – Clinton Glenn

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Université Concordia Cinéma Alexandre de Sève