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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival

FOCUS USA_shorts

United States english
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Diane from the Moon

Marco La Via & Hanna Ladoul 2016 United States 11min english

Diane from the Moon is about a transgender woman fighting her way to self-acceptance starring Mya Taylor (Tangerine), this short offers a unique vision – portraying a strong transgender character who doesn’t conform to the usual stereotypes.

Folsom Street

Aaron Kantor 2016 United States 6min english

Taking equal inspiration from the 1970s gay leather and S&M world and the universe of choreographer Bob Fosse, this short follows a leather daddy into a dungeon, where he whips the patrons into a kinky, sexually charged dance frenzy.

The Glory Hole

Daniel Maggio 2016 United States 4min english

Two San Franciscans, together 22 years, recount their unlikely first date.

Great Escape

Sal Bardo 2016 United States 6min english

A 70-year-old woman leaves her husband for mysterious reasons.


Joey ally 2015 United States 7min english v.o.a.

When a slump in work/life Partners Kate and Leigh’s sex life forces them to reconsider their relationship, they must confront how intertwined their lives have become.

Say U Will

Chris Cruse 2015 United States 11min english

It’s past midnight on New Year’s Eve in an LA nightclub when Marcus meets the alluring Ray. As they draw close, they also discover more about each other’s profound differences: what will their resolutions dare to be?

Signing Out

Dana Brawer 2016 United States 10min english

Two young women, still recovering from the end of their romantic relationship with each other, unknowingly see the same therapist years later and are forced to come to terms with what happened.


Lisa Donato 2016 United States 11min english

Tensions rise when a woman and her wife ask her brother to be the sperm donor of their baby...or the uncle...or the Spunkle!

Tear Jerker

Amy Adler 2016 United States 15min english

Tear Jerker is a portrait of Elliot, a guy faced with difficult life circumstances trying to find new ways to express old and familiar feelings.


Marvin Bryan Lemus 2015 United States 13min english

Vámonos is a funny, touching, personal story about Hope, a Latina mourning the death of her butch girlfriend, Mac. When Hope learns that Mac’s mother plans on burying her in a dress, Hope and her friends realize they must take matters into their own hands.


Arkasha Stevenson 2015 United States 15min english

Remarkably powerful, Vessels follows Diamond, a young Latina transgirl, as she considers a dangerous operation that may be her only option in gaining a more feminine body.

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