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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival

homomundo 1

courts/shorts pgm
93min divers

_Spanning the globe and covering all emotional bases, this year’s collection of award-winning gay shorts brings together stories of lust, love, desire and loss. Guaranteed to amuse and delight, this programme of shorts will not disappoint.

Also in this program: 

Away with Me

Oliver Masson 2016 United Kingdom 11min english

A spontaneous holiday romance in Nice turns sour when there is a clash of intentions and expectations between the two men.

A Delicate Love

Rachel Dax 2016 United Kingdom 19min english

A young man struggling to come out is drawn to a sophisticated older man based on the items he buys in a delicatessen.

The Den (La tana)

Lorenzo Caproni 2016 Italy 15min italian s.-t.en.

On a beach vacation with his wife and son, Christian meets his old friend, Luca. Past and present collide and the two restart a sexy, but very dangerous game that was interrupted years ago.

por un beso

David Valduque 2016 Spain 6min spanish s.-t.en.

Their eyes meeting over a crosswalk, Tomás and Andrea smile at one another, not knowing that this fleeting encounter will mark their destiny.


Katie McCullough 2016 United Kingdom 8min english

When Barrie goes to scatter his husband’s ashes at their favourite mountain peak, he is confronted with the sight of a man about to jump to his death from the cliff edge.

Bed Buddies

Reid Waterer 2016 United States 16min english

A comedy about gay friends who wake up after sleeping together and try to make sense of the unclear line between friendship and love.

A Thousand Likes

Wilson Alvarenga 2016 Slovenia 8min slovenian s.-t.en.

Matej is obsessed with social media and his cellphone. 

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