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Les crevettes pailletées (The Shiny Shrimps)

Cédric Le Gallo & Maxime Govare 2019 France 103min French s-t-en

Swimming champ Matthias (Nicolas Gob) has been publicly shamed, his chance of participating in the next World Championships imperiled. And for good reason. His homophobic tirade against a nosy reporter exemplifies his egotism. It isn’t until he is forced to coach the eponymous water polo team led by an affable, though secretly ill Jean (Alban Lenoir) that he expands his mindset. This motley LGBT crew of various shapes, colours, and ages is as raucously fun-loving as it is unmotivated. Since Matthias lives for winning, this pairing leads to clashes, but also to Matthias learning that under their shiny surface these party-loving athletes have problems of their own. Co-director Cedric Le Gallo’s film, partly inspired by his own gay water polo team experience and sure to give new meaning to the term ‘pool party,’ is a feel-good crowd-pleaser in the vein of 2000’s hit Bring It On. It manages to both avoid and winkingly embrace clichés, touching upon antiquated mindsets in and out of the gay community, while offering up plenty of speedo-dropping, Celine Dion-karaokeing shenanigans. As one character sums it up perfectly: “Like the Olympics, less boring, with hot guys.”

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