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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival

lesbomundo 1

courts/shorts pgm
90min divers

Things are not always what they seem in the world of girls who like girls and this year’s edition of international, award-winning short films proves that in spades.

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Arrivederci Rosa

FlaminiaGraziadei 2015 United Kingdom 17min english

Two old school friends from Rome meet up again in London. Rosa’s a radiant beauty; Andi’s a bit of a nerd. Rosa’s lust for life helps her friend to see it’s not about being gay, being straight, or being Rosa – it’s just about being true.

How to Kiss in Paris

April Hirsrchman 2016 United States 5min french s.-t.en.

Viviane is sightseeing in Paris with a book titled The Best Places to Kiss in Paris. An attractive stranger, Oscar, meets her on a bridge and they begin a romance.

Handsome Girl

Mathew Smith 2016 Germany 14min no dialogue

Sex. Love. Jealousy. Travel. Music. A story in the age of Snapchats and Tinder swipes. Two friends travel from Los Angeles to Berlin to launch their musical project, “Handsome Girl”. In Berlin, anything can happen (and usually does), but will their friendship survive?

Red Owing

Theodore Khouri 2016 Canada 5min english

Unable to bare the pain and guilt for the death of her lover, she has decided to take her own life as both punishment, and release. But she will be given a reason to persist... and live on.

Golden Golden

Erica Cho 2016 United States 14min english

When two broke 20-somethings from San Bernardino visit a LA fortuneteller, crystal balls and queer pop song visions open up new spaces for desiring and becoming – across Asian, Black, and Latinx imaginaries.


David MuñozVelasco 2016 Mexico 18min spanish s.-t.en.

Mariana is on the verge of despair, mourning the death of her long-time girlfriend. Her life has become empty, but the light of her lost love will come back to haunt her... or to show her the way.


Giulio Mastromauro & Alessandro Porzio 2016 Italy 17min italian & german s.-t.en.

Italy, 2038. Alice and Kristin are pregnant and live isolated from the rest of the world, fully in love with each other. Their lives are inextricably bound to that of a young man.

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Université Concordia Cinéma Alexandre de Sève