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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival


Nick Corporon 2016 United States 98min english

On the bustling side streets of San Francisco, a reserved and complex middle-aged man hires a prostitute for the night and brings him back to his hotel. Instead of a quick one-night stand, the man instructs the young sex worker to assume the role of a character, and they enter a unique role-playing dynamic. The liaison doesn’t end after this one faithful night, and the two take a road trip across the desert to the Grand Canyon, with the young man being paid to remain in character during the entire time. Nostalgia, regret and romance all blend harmoniously together in Retake, directed by Nick Corporon. The film features the dashing Tuc Watkins (Castle, Ballers) as the lead, while Devon Graye portrays the mysterious yet affectionate escort pulled into this bizarre adventure. Lines get blurred and drama ensues, as this story plays out in the stunning backdrop of the Wild West, whilst also stringing at our delicate heartstrings. – Dave Easey

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Golden Boys

Jill Riley 2016 Canada 8min english

During an unexpected bender, three longtime friends end up back at their old private school looking to cause trouble. The night begins to sour for Scott, though, when he is reminded of the fervent and confusing friendship he once had with Dylan.

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