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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival

shorts in competition

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Anthony Doncque 2016 France 25min french s.-t.en.

1992. Martin is seventeen and films his daily life with his Hi8 camera. He films everything and anything, his room, the world around him, but never his father. He does not think about it. One day he meets Dominique and everything changes.

A Thousand Likes

Wilson Alvarenga 2016 Slovenia 8min slovenian s.-t.en.

Matej is obsessed with social media and his cellphone. 


Kai Stänicke 2015 Germany 15min english

Don’t be fooled by the sophisticated stop-motion doll animation that gives B. a childlike charm; the bloody story - of repressed lesbian bombshell B. and her bisexual boyfriend K. - is a perverse twist on Saturday morning Barbie-mation.

Away with Me

Oliver Masson 2016 United Kingdom 11min english

A spontaneous holiday romance in Nice turns sour when there is a clash of intentions and expectations between the two men.

The Den (La tana)

Lorenzo Caproni 2016 Italy 15min italian s.-t.en.

On a beach vacation with his wife and son, Christian meets his old friend, Luca. Past and present collide and the two restart a sexy, but very dangerous game that was interrupted years ago.


Iselin Saga 2016 Norway 18min norwegian s.-t.en.

Erica has a secret relationship to Sebastian. When his wife finds out, she decides to confront Erica over an evening of gin and tonics. Erica is soon being pushed to question what things in life are worth fighting for.


Dominic Poliquin 2016 Canada 9min english

Army, Sport and Fire, FORCES reflects upon friendship and masculinity.

Hi, it’s Your Mother

Daniel Sterlin-Altman 2016 Canada 5min english s-t.f.

Mum's calling, and Lisa isn't pleased. Hi, It's Your Mother is a tragi-comedic stop-motion short about a mother's love for her child, and sometimes vice versa.

How to be Alone

Erez Eisenstein 2016 Israel 23min hebrew s.-t.en

"Listen to me: there is life without love. Loneliness is the soul's forgotten desire. You don't need anyone. Don't search, don't hope, don't dream; and only then, perhaps, you too will learn how to be alone."

More than God

Kev Cahill 2016 Ireland 9min english

More than God is a screwball comedy that deals with family, obligation and the rigidity of religion.


David MuñozVelasco 2016 Mexico 18min spanish s.-t.en.

Mariana is on the verge of despair, mourning the death of her long-time girlfriend. Her life has become empty, but the light of her lost love will come back to haunt her... or to show her the way.

por un beso

David Valduque 2016 Spain 6min spanish s.-t.en.

Their eyes meeting over a crosswalk, Tomás and Andrea smile at one another, not knowing that this fleeting encounter will mark their destiny.

Folsom Street

Aaron Kantor 2016 United States 6min english

Taking equal inspiration from the 1970s gay leather and S&M world and the universe of choreographer Bob Fosse, this short follows a leather daddy into a dungeon, where he whips the patrons into a kinky, sexually charged dance frenzy.


Jake Graf 2016 United Kingdom 14min english

As Dawn creeps across London, two lost outcasts meet in the darkness, more afraid of themselves than each other in this lyrical soul-gazing short.

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