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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival


courts/shorts pgm
74min divers

Representing the “T” in LGBTQ, this collection of shorts covers a lot of ground. From an insightful and touching portrait of a transwoman trying to make her body match her true gender to sexy and challenging disclosures on a rooftop, this programme brings trans voices to the forefront of queer cinema.

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Jake Graf 2016 United Kingdom 14min english

As Dawn creeps across London, two lost outcasts meet in the darkness, more afraid of themselves than each other in this lyrical soul-gazing short.

Diane from the Moon

Marco La Via & Hanna Ladoul 2016 United States 11min english

Diane from the Moon is about a transgender woman fighting her way to self-acceptance starring Mya Taylor (Tangerine), this short offers a unique vision – portraying a strong transgender character who doesn’t conform to the usual stereotypes.

Tear Jerker

Amy Adler 2016 United States 15min english

Tear Jerker is a portrait of Elliot, a guy faced with difficult life circumstances trying to find new ways to express old and familiar feelings.


Arkasha Stevenson 2015 United States 15min english

Remarkably powerful, Vessels follows Diamond, a young Latina transgirl, as she considers a dangerous operation that may be her only option in gaining a more feminine body.

Say U Will

Chris Cruse 2015 United States 11min english

It’s past midnight on New Year’s Eve in an LA nightclub when Marcus meets the alluring Ray. As they draw close, they also discover more about each other’s profound differences: what will their resolutions dare to be?

Queer Witch

Camille Ducellier 2016 France 12min french s.-t.en

Portrait of Kira & Gael, two young queers that challenge gender roles.

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Université Concordia Cinéma Alexandre de Sève